Phoenix-Micron Enhances OCT Imaging with AI-powered OCT Segmentation

Phoenix-Micron, Inc. and ArtiKode Intelligence Collaborate to Bring Automated, AI-Powered OCT Segmentation to MICRON Software Suite Bend, OR, USA – April 23, 2024 – Phoenix-Micron, Inc. (“Phoenix”), recognized globally for its leadership in in vivo ophthalmic imaging of small animals, today announced a collaboration with ArtiKode Intelligence (“ArtiKode”), a Valencia, Spain-based innovator in artificial intelligence (AI)


Your Guide to Navigating Seattle for ARVO 2024

We’re excited to see everyone at ARVO 2024 in Seattle in May! Every year, we are impressed and humbled by the incredible presentations and posters that highlight breakthrough research related to new disease models, diagnostics, and therapies. Phoenix-Micron is headquartered in the Northwest, and many of our team members are either from the Seattle area


Phoenix-Micron, Inc. launches the next generation of its MICRON in vivo ophthalmic imaging platform for small animal research

The all-new MICRON® 5 platform delivers advanced performance, repeatability, and imaging workflow efficiency Bend, OR, USA, April 21, 2023 – Phoenix-Micron, Inc. today announced the launch of the all-new Phoenix MICRON® 5 imaging system, the latest breakthrough in small animal ophthalmic imaging technology. With over 450 published studies utilizing MICRON imaging systems, the MICRON platform


Phoenix-Micron, Inc. Announces New, Comprehensive Imaging Software and Redesigned Lens Technology for the Phoenix MICRON® Imaging Platform

Two new innovations, MICRON Software Suite and MICRON LT2 lens technology, streamline the ophthalmic imaging workflow and deliver new data management capabilities.   Bend, OR, USA, April 21, 2023–  Phoenix-Micron, Inc., a leader in ophthalmic imaging technology, today announced the release of the new MICRON® Software Suite and the MICRON LT2 lens technology. The new


Where do research ideas come from?

Where do research ideas come from?  Do they arrive in a thunderbolt eureka moment, or do they start as an observation or hunch, requiring some time to simmer, brew, incubate and grow?  Some may evolve from an accidental or serendipitous discovery during a routine process. Observant operators of the Phoenix MICRON® retinal imaging system may


Subretinal injection damage has implication for experimental control and treatment in rat model of retinopathy of prematurity

In their 2017 article, “Effect of subretinal injection on retinal structure and function in a rat oxygen-induced retinopathy model,” Becker et al used the Phoenix MICRON® IV fundus camera, Phoenix MICRON® OCT2 and corresponding layer analysis software Insight 2D, and the Phoenix MICRON® focal ERG to find that subretinal injection of saline or even introduction

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