MICRON® Slit Lamp

Anterior Segment multi-modality slit lamp imaging for the small eye.

  • Attaches to MICRON®
  • Slit-lamp with white light and Cobalt blue filter for corneal fluorescein staining
  • Beam heigh, width and intensity settings enables variation of lighting techniques
  • Two fully adjustable fill lights for background illuminationImage resolution of 4 microns
  • Complete easy-to-use animal stand

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Brilliant image quality, great ease-of-use

“Before using the Micron, our success rate at producing laser-induced choroidal neovascular lesions was ~40-50%; however,  thanks to a successful implementation with the Micron, we now achieve a regularsuccess rate of 99%.”

–  Rafal Farjo, Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer


Slit-lamp corneal and iris imaging with flouroscein

Image guided OCT imaging

Imaging of the crystalline lens with cataracts

The MICRON® Anterior Segment Slit Lamp System

Developed specifically for mice and rats, this full-featured opthalmic slit lamp delivers resolutions of four microns while offering both bright-field and fluorescent imaging.

Dual back-fill lamps and filters provide additional flexibility for fluorescent imaging, including documenting corneal and crystalline lens findings.

animal stand
Easy-to-use animal stand
Phoenix MICRON slit lamp attachment

Anterior Segment Slit Lamp

Attaches to MICRON® microscope

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Anterior Segment Slit Lamp attached to Phoenix MICRON® IV