MICRON® Animal Stand - Pro

For the first time, inhalation anesthetic delivery is integrated into an animal stand specifically designed for in vivo ophthalmic imaging of small animals.

Easily accessible Inhalation anesthetic supply and venting connections are located on the base of the animal stand, away from the animal’s eyes and the objective lens.


A carefully designed mask allows for optimal presentation of the subject's left and right eyes to the camera.

The WhiskerWipes™ Animal Mask

Is a replaceable animal anesthesia mask, with separate sizes for mice and rats. It snaps in place on the animal platform to connect with integrated inhalation anesthesia delivery and venting, enabling sustained animal sedation.

WhiskerWipes™ arms hold animal whiskers away from the objective lens, simplifying the imaging process and minimizing artifacts.


The soft, snug-fitting masks are made of non-allergenic, biocompatible materials that are both washable and can be easily replaced to comply with laboratory infection control requirements.


Support for an optional animal heater is built into the MICRON Animal Stand – Pro. When installed, the animal heater maintains optimum subject animal body temperature for long imaging sessions and electrophysiology observations:

  • The easily-cleaned aluminum animal platform becomes the heater, eliminating the need for an additional component placed on top of the animal stand.
  • The optional heater cartridge inserts into the washable aluminum animal platform to generate evenly distributed heat.
  • Sensors allow MICRON Software Suite to control and document the maximum and minimum platform temperatures (an independent mechanical controller is available for non-MICRON Software Suite users).
  • Wiring is routed through the inside of the animal stand to keep the space around the animal eyes and the MICRON camera free of wire clutter.
  • The animal stand is pre-wired to add additional biosensors to the platform over time.

Compatible with MICRON 5 and MICRON IV Cameras

MICRON Animal Stand - Pro is an accessory that is compatible with both MICRON IV and MICRON 5 cameras. It is also compatible with older MICRON III cameras.


Published papers that incorporate MICRON data


Years of experience innovating patented small animal imaging technology


Integrated multi-modality system


Imaging modalities, designed for exacting small animal ophthalmic research