MICRON® CNV for Small Animals

Precision delivery of laser energy to the mouse and rat retina

MICRON® Image-Guided Laser System produces precise, easy to deliver laser photocoagulation to generate choroidal neovascularization (CNV).

A user-friendly design enables technical staff to precisely and reliably control the location, size, and intensity of the laser photocoagulation required for CNV.  Reliable creation of CNV has been validated in multiple studies.

  • Assures laser is focused on location, away from key vasculature
  • Immediate or delayed assessment availability;able  through image-guided OCT
  • High resolution fluorescence

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“Before using the Micron, our success rate at producing laser-induced choroidal neovascular lesions was ~40-50%; however, thanks to a successful implementation with the Micron, we now achieve a regular success rate of 99%.”

–  Rafal Farjo, Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer
Oklahoma City, OK  73104

Compact, precise laser delivery

Use the bright field image as a guide to place the aiming beam on target areas. Easily capture photographs or videos for publications or presentations to strengthen research documentation. Integration with the MICRON® IV Retinal Imaging Microscope enables the recording of pre/post laser treatment spots as well as documentation of longitudinal studies.

The MICRON® CNV System consists of:

  • MICRON® IV imaging system plus
  • Phoenix MICRON® OCT 2
  • Laser Injector
  • OCT Segmentation (InSight)
Phoenix MICRON CNV package