Industry Expert Leslie MacKeen Joins Phoenix-Micron as Product Manager

MacKeen brings 28 years of imaging expertise in ophthalmic research and pediatric ophthalmic imaging and will drive product initiatives across both Research and Clinical imaging solutions

Pleasanton, CA, USA, April 10, 2019  – Today, Phoenix-Micron (Phoenix), a leading provider of advanced ophthalmic imaging solutions for researchers and clinicians, announces Leslie MacKeen has joined the Company as product manager.  MacKeen, who for the past five years served as Medical Imaging Specialist for The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, rejoins Phoenix where she served as application specialist from 2012 – 2013.

In all, MacKeen has 28 years of ophthalmic imaging experience, 10 years of it with Clarity (now Natus) where she served as Ophthalmic Imaging Specialist / Clinical Services Manager.  During her time at Clarity, MacKeen designed the MacKeen Pediatric Lid Speculum as well as an imaging training manikin; she also conducted extensive training procedures and practices for the company.  MacKeen will work with the Phoenix product team, guiding new releases and development of the Phoenix ICON™ retinal imaging system, the Phoenix CONNECT™ telemedicine platform for clinicians, and the Phoenix MICRON® retinal imaging system for researchers.

“We are thrilled to have Leslie back on board at Phoenix to help us deliver on an ambitious solutions road map,” said Scott Carr, Chairman and CEO of Phoenix-Micron.   “Not only is she an accomplished ophthalmic imager, but she was one of the first users of the RetCam, which was also developed by our founder Bert Massie.  Through her creativity and curiosity, she devised innovative and relevant imaging techniques with the system.  Her vast clinical and research experience including innovation, training and close work with key opinion leaders will greatly benefit Phoenix customers and the product team.”

MacKeen brings to Phoenix deep, long-standing relationships with ophthalmology clinicians and researchers around the world in both professional and outreach capacities.  She has been a volunteer faculty member several times for Orbis International and participated in programs with the Armenian Eyecare Project; The Ventura Foundation, Brazil; and Helen Keller International, Nepal. Her relationships, and her direct experience working with patients of all ages, from neonates to adults, across a wide range of pathologies including retinopathy of prematurity, retinoblastoma, ocular melanoma, diabetic retinopathy, and more, perfectly positions her to set product strategy for our three product lines. Dr. Michael Trese, MD, Clinical Advisory Board member for Phoenix-Micron agrees, “Leslie MacKeen is a wonderful addition to the Phoenix team. I have worked with Leslie before and there is no one more skilled at infant retinal imaging. She provides a very important resource for the company and its customers.”

“I’m very happy to be back with Phoenix-Micron,” says MacKeen.  “So many great things have happened on both the research and clinical sides of the business since I was first with the company. I’m excited to have the chance to work with this dedicated and passionate group of people who build eye imaging solutions that have such a powerful impact on people’s lives.  It is particularly energizing to be a bridge between the voice of the customer and the innovation plans of the company.  I’m thrilled to spread my wings and help generate meaningful collaborations for Phoenix-Micron with key opinion leaders and global industry professionals.”

About Phoenix-Micron: Phoenix-Micron empowers people to see: we empower researchers to see more in their fight to prevent blindness; we empower clinicians to see more in their fight to save sight (and lives).  We do that by providing clinicians and researchers around the world with stunning retinal images, coupled with timely and accurate data about the retina and the eye.  Founded by Bert Massie, Ph.D., inventor of the first digital camera for pediatric retinal imaging, our company created the Phoenix MICRON® platform for in-vivo imaging of animals in eye research.  Phoenix MICRON® is the standard of excellence for researchers worldwide: ten of the top twelve research institutions employ a Phoenix MICRON® solution. In 2017, the company launched to great acclaim the Phoenix ICON platform which reinvented wide-field retinal imaging for human clinical applications. Phoenix ICON delivers stunning high-contrast, high-resolution images, with quality you can see and data you can trust. The ICON platform also boasts a number of features including a lighter weight cart and a six-hour battery life.  Recognizing that telemedicine is the future of ROP screening, in 2018, Phoenix acquired FocusROP, the most widely adopted telemedicine platform for ROP screening. With this acquisition, retinal images from any wide-field retinal imaging camera can, in seconds, be delivered to physicians when and where they are needed, saving them time while providing better documentation.

Contact: Jen King, Phoenix-Micron, ph.1.925.485.1100 x 244,