MICRON® OCT Segmentation

Intelligent segmentation of rodent OCT images

Using OCT data recorded from your Phoenix Micron IV imaging system you can characterize segmentation of the retinal layers interactively or with full user control.

  • Robust automatic segmentation algorithm produces reliable layer identification
  • Fully interactive: use the automatic segmentation tool for layer identification when you want it or plot your own with complete control
  • Point and click on the image to edit your layer, or add new layers
  • Heat map of visual layer thickness

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Designed for the demands of research

The Phoenix Image-guided OCT system and InSight were designed to provide real-time experimental guidance to researchers. In a single session, researchers can capture en face images, OCT data and calculate layer segmentations.

MICRON® OCT Segmentation Features:

  • Automatic segmentation
  • Built-in editing tools
  • Easy export for publication
Phoenix MICRON IV with OCT attachement and InSight software