Solution for in vivo retinal imaging of large laboratory animals

Designed to support eye and eye-brain research using large animals including rabbits, dogs, cats, pigs and primates.

  • Stunning high-contrast high-resolution retinal imaging
  • Hand-held wide-angle imaging ideal for pigs, primates, dogs, cats and other large animals
  • Live video feed with still image and video capture
  • Image on battery for up to 6 hours for field-work
  • Ideal for remote screening on large campuses
  • Easily switch between fundus imaging and fluorescein angiography
  • High definition touch screen with real-time image zoom, image comparison, and subject / study management

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Powerful, validated and accepted

The Phoenix MICRON® MICRON® X fuels scientific discovery with a wide range of animals and in broad range of applications including basic eye research, toxicology, pharmaceutical efficacy and neurological research.

Phoenix MICRON® X Features:

  • Animal retinal resolution to 12 microns
  • Enhanced performance for dark retinas
  • Real-time display with capture of stills or videos
  • Interchangeable LED light modules allow for quick change from bright field to fluorescent angiography images
Micron X2 portable retinal camera for animals